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We are currently building the schedule for Exploricon 5.5. We’d love to have you run a game! To sign up, just fill out the form below.

Please fill out this form for each game you wish to submit. Please do not submit multiple games in the same form.

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How many people can play your game? (Please do not include yourself. A min-max range is acceptable. Note that if you specify a minimum, we will not run your event unless the minimum is met.)

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Are there any times during the 9am - 10pm time window when you are _not_ able to run this game?

Do you have anything you'd like us to know about this game? (This is where you can tell us if you only want to be scheduled to run 2 games even though you are submitting 3 game ideas, if you need special table space, or if you need any additional information from the people registering for your game.)